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November 4, 2022 

Another week of slow but steady progress at Surfrider.  Surfrider currently has one resident. A beautiful little screech owl has taken up residence in the rafters of the deluxe units.  I hope he finds a new home before the units collapse or are demolished.  RAL staff, Jackie, Mario, Nicoli and two board members, Anthony Devita and Gordon Reeves, were on site at Surfrider this week.

John Shaw and Anthony met with wind insurance adjuster again this week. We continue to wait for the wind and flood insurance adjusters reports.  Probably two more weeks minimum before we see initial reports.  Anthony and Jackie assure us owner's pavers are intact under layer of sand.
RAL filed an application with FDEM for the Hurricane Ian Debris Cleanup Program.  RAL has scheduled equipment and staff to move additional debris curbside and prepare for security fencing.  RAL has secured bids for security fence for liability reasons and to help prevent looting.

Jackie, Mario, Nicoli and Gordon were on property to salvage and inventory any working items like workshop tools, PVC pipe, ladders etc.  Jackie is looking into cost of container to store usable items on property.  Unfortunately salvaging is at a minimum due to mold and structure instability. FEMA trucks worked at Surfrider Saturday to remove curbside debris.  After hours of work they had barely made a dent in the enormous pile of debris.  We’re hoping FEMA is able to make more progress throughout the weekend so we can move additional debris curbside this coming week.

In addition, we are aware many owners are waiting for Emergency Meeting minutes to be posted on Surfrider website.Emergency Meeting minutes have not been posted because theEmergency Meeting is a paused ongoing meeting. Minutes will not be posted until theEmergency Meeting is official closed.  Once meeting is closed minutes will be posted within 30 days. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience, it is greatly appreciated.

Surfrider Board of Directors

Please send all questions or inquires for the SRBC Board to:
November 14, 2022

Mario and Nicolai made progress at Surfrider this week despite the island being closed due to the threat of tropical storm Nicole. They trimmed trees, rented a bobcat and cleared debris in preparation for security fence to be installed.

Insurance adjusters have been in contact with RAL again this week, however we are still waiting on the report. A structural engineer will be out to provide guidance on the remaining deluxe side building.

SRBC Annual board meeting will be held via Zoom - Friday, November 18th 1 PM EST.
Zoom details will be available on website this week.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Surfrider Board of Directors ​

Please send all questions or inquires for the SRBC Board to:
November 10, 2022

If you did not get the Surfrider Beach Club Resort Proxy/Ballot -- Annual Meeting and Election 2022 form via the Postal Mail, a copy has been posted on the RAL SRBC Document Site. 

December 02, 2022

Still waiting for insurance initial reports (still within the timeframe that they are required to answer). Maggie is calling and emailing frequently to ask for updates, still no answers back yet.  Not surprising since they still have time and how much damage there is.

John has been trying to contact the engineer who spoke to Sanibel on our behalf and Sanibel authorities. Sanibel can only be contacted via email, they do not take calls yet, so it’s difficult to get answers. Neither have replied, but we continue to try to reach them.

The big claw truck was working next to Surfrider picking up debris on Sunday Nov. 20th.
There is red tide at the island now, lots of dead fish and it smells bad.
The maintenance fees were mailed out on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, so you should be receiving them any day now. 

The fencing company put the fence up at Surfrider yesterday, Thursday Dec. 1st.

I know it seems like nothing is being done, but I promise you, we are doing everything we can. This area still looks horrible. We were not allowed out to the island until Oct. 19th. So, it really has only been a little over a month that anyone could do anything.  

We finally have our resort number being forwarded to RAL’s office where we are at:  239-472-2161
If you have questions that Lynn and I can answer, please call us and we will do our best.

On a bright note, the Plumeria tree at the resort has survived and is blooming again, along with the Coral bush that was in the little garden area in front of the standard building

Surfrider Beach Club