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December 6, 2022

Replay of Board Meetings can be found on the RAL Document Site, under Meeting Recordings.  The information has also been added to the FAQ.

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Feb 7, 2023

It’s not about the pace, it’s about the process. Moving forward in increments like all of SWFL.

To date approximately 11 unit weeks sold between owners have been recorded with Lee county. We’d like to remind owners who sell units privately to send a copy of the recorded deed from Lee County to the Surfrider office. The county does not alert us when these types of transactions occur, and we cannot change Surfrider records until we receive your newly recorded deed.

We have received the engineers report confirming the remaining portion of the building is a complete tear down, however we require further information and approval to proceed.

We’ve spoken with multiple demo companies to secure quotes. Two have come out to the resort to measure and review property. We are eagerly awaiting quotes.

SBA loan is in the works.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is Friday, February 24 at 1pm EST. Zoom information will be posted.

The entire island is still devasted. Resorts, hotels, individual homes are still empty, and gutted waiting on insurance, engineers, and workers. It will take years for the island to be back to the island we know and love.

February 17, 2023
Some picture of this past week at Surfrider.  Moving some of the debris that is outside of the building to the side of the road for collection.

March 16, 2023

The weather has been great, as usual, sunny, warm, no rain.  This morning was a little brisk for us Floridians, lol, it was 58 degrees.

We continue to make progress at Surfrider.  A demo company has been hired.  They will receive demo permit when Sanibel officials have finished crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's.  Our permit will probably take a couple months.  A survey company has been hired.  A current survey is an essential part of the planning process.  Hope to have the survey in our hands in a couple weeks.  An architectural engineering firm has been hired.  Their architectural/engineering design team has already had their initial meeting with the board building/design committee and RAL.  The meeting was very productive and conceptual planning has begun.

I drive out to Sanibel weekly to pick up any mail that goes to the Sanibel post office, most gets rerouted to the RAL office.  The drive down West Gulf Dr. towards Surfrider is always eye-opening.  We see homes, condos, resorts, all empty waiting on the next phase.  The lucky places (very few) who had lessor damage have started the repair process.  We are no further behind or ahead of any other place on Sanibel.

We found a tomato plant growing on Surfrider property.  So far it's given us over 25 tomatoes, with many more ripening.  We also found a watermelon growing, not ripe yet, but I think it will be next week :) 


Board of Directors Meeting
April 10, 2023
1:00pm EST
Meeting to be held via Zoom and at the RAL Office. 
Please send an email for Zoom instructions a few days before the date of the meeting.

May 10, 2023

Please see below the agenda for up coming board meeting on May 19th at 1:00pm on Zoom
Zoom info later next week


June 7, 2023

I was out at the resort this afternoon to pick up mail and look at property.  I am keeping an eye on two watermelons that are growing on the property.  I think they might be ripe within a week.  There are many periwinkles blooming all over the property and the plumeria is popping with beautiful yellow flowers.  Then I turn and look at the building...  
On the way back to office I drove towards the lighthouse end, and I noticed a house that hasn't even been touched since the hurricane.  So many places have no windows, many places are just shells.  There are workers on the island, but everything takes time.  It is sunny and warm, the water looks amazing, it was quite sparkly driving across the causeway today.  

Still waiting on the demo permit to be issued by Sanibel.  There are a lot of hoops they have to jump through even for a demo permit.  Sanibel is protecting the vegetation and the whole island, which is good.  That is one of the reasons we all love Sanibel.


July 25, 2023

To date we have received $2,994,633.59 from insurance.  We are still working with an adjuster for the wind insurance, as they are trying not to pay us for the damage the wind caused.

We have applied for funding with another program through The Florida Division of Emergency Management today.  It offers 50% match for several items, however, only one that we can use, Debris removal.  (We already applied to FDEM through a different program for debris removal and have not heard anything yet.)  It does offer beach renourishment too.  I reached out to City of Sanibel and they told us the city is working on grant funded projects to fill the beach path washouts in the Gulf Beach Zone area.  That’s great! It won’t happen until after sea turtle nesting season.

The next board meeting will be August 18th, at 1:00 pm via zoom.  Lynn or Mario will email out zoom info to everyone as soon as we get it.  This is the budget meeting and I believe this meeting will have a presentation by architects working with the building committee.

​September 25th, 2023.

This week will mark one year since hurricane Ian hit Florida and destroyed our beloved Surfrider. 
It destroyed it as a piece of property but I’m sure it made us stronger as a family. I truly believe that what makes Surfrider the amazing place everybody loves is the owners. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you enjoy a drink by the pool again soon (no glass lol).

There will be a couple of events held to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane:
-Thursday, September 28th at 7:00 a.m.
City of Sanibel ‘Hurricane Ian Sunrise Remembrance’ at the Lighthouse Beach Park, (153 Periwinkle Way)
-Saturday, September 30th from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Sanibel Community House ‘Community Reunited’ at The Community House (2173 Periwinkle Way)

The Sanibel Island Farmers Market is returning to the island with its first event set for Oct. 1.



September 18th, 2023. 

Even though we are not open, and we are in the process of the demolition of Surfrider, we must maintain the front of the property as clean as possible. Therefore, I was out at the resort Thursday and Friday from last week cutting grass and picking up debris. It might not seem that way, but it did make a difference. I’m going back out there this week to finish it off.

​     BEFORE                                                               AFTER


​September 11th, 2023.

I just got back from my Monday routine to Surfrider, picked up mail and poured chlorine into the pool and spa (health department orders). I will be going back out there this week to clean the front of the property, cut grass, pull weeds, etc. 
Since Sanibel only allows you to cut 25% of the native vegetation every year, we will be contacting the landscape company that takes care of our setback, so they can go out there and trim it as soon as turtle season is over. We want to keep it at the same height like we used to.


August 28th, 2023.

Today, Governor DeSantis issued a state of emergency for 46 counties including Lee. The latest advisory has all Southwest Florida under a tropical storm warning, we are expecting some rain and wind (15-25 mph) but nothing major. We will keep everybody updated. 



Aug. 8th, 2023

We finally got the go ahead from the attorney to proceed with the demolition of Surfrider. We do not have a permit yet. The company we hired will continue to move forward with getting the permit. When we have the permit in hand we will let everyone know.

This is my last full week as manager at Surfrider. I am retiring on Aug. 15th. It has been an honor working for you all these years. I will miss all of you. Don’t worry, Lynn will still be here.
  I will continue to do the sales for a couple years, so I will still be around😊  

18 years as manager 2005, 15 years as sales associate 2008
8 years as front desk 1997
6 years as laundry person on Saturdays 1991
1 year as head housekeeper with cleaning company on Saturdays 1990

Mario will be taking over as manager on August 16th. He has been our maintenance guy for 8 years. He will do a great job as manager. You might know him as quiet, but once he gets to know you, watch out. LOL

Remember Budget meeting August 18th, 1:00pm on Zoom. This is when the board decides how much the yearly maintenance fee will be. This meeting will be very informative.

Password to view Surfrider documents and minutes of past meetings is $RAL$SRBC

Jackie McCall Manager