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Surfrider Board of Directors Update and Notice of Meeting

We will be holding the SRBC Board Meeting on May 17th, at 1:00 PM Eastern time, on Zoom. All owners are welcome to attend and can get the information on the call from the Surfriderbeachclub.com website. Information on accessing the zoom call will be available on that website. 

In an effort to keep things organized, those with questions for the Board or management company should submit their questions or comments to board@surfriderbeachclub.com. The owners’ comments section of the meeting will be held at the end and we will do our best to address the questions and concerns sent to us in advance. Of course, the Board is always available to discuss any comments or issues outside of the meeting as well.

We anticipate we will have many more regular meetings than our usual quarterly meeting schedule for some time to come. While this is our first official meeting since the disaster, the Board has been in constant communication with one another and the management company, working to take the steps needed to get us back on our feet.

We are now fully operational again on the website, so all future communications will be posted on surfriderbeachclub.com rather than on Facebook pages. Please look there for updates, and spread the word that information will be posted there in the future.

Thank you all for your thoughts, your patience, your support, your offers of help, and your coming together as a community in these difficult times. We are all proud to represent such a close knit group that shares the same love of Sanibel and Surfrider that we do.

Matthew Gold, President
Anthony Devita, Vice President
Cheryl Deets, Secretary/Treasurer
Gordon Reeve
Michael Rylance
Victor Monzon-Aguirre
Thomas DePaull


SRBC Board Meeting
Time: August 18th, 2023 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Join Zoom:

Meeting ID: 

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID:


SRBC Board Quarterly Meeting
Time: May 19, 2023 1:00PM Eastern time via zoom

​SRBC Board Meeting
Time:  April 10, 2023 1:00PM Eastern time via zoom

SRBC Board Quarterly Meeting
Time: Feb 24, 2023 1:00 PM Eastern Time via Zoom

SRBC Continuation of Emergency Meeting
Time: Jan 12, 2023 5:30 PM Eastern Time via Zoom

SRBC Continuation of Emergency Meeting
Time: Dev 29, 2022 05:30 PM Eastern Time via Zoom

SRBC Continuation Emergency Meeting
Time: Dec 13, 2022 05:00 PM Eastern Time via Zoom 

SRBC Annual Meeting
Time: Nov. 18th, 2022 1:00 PM Eastern Time
via Zoom

SRBC Emergency Mtg Cont… 
Time: Oct 26, 2022 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) via Zoom

SRBC Emergency Board Meeting 
4 PM EST - 10/13/2022 via Zoom
When submitting questions to the SRBC Board via, please include your full name and week(s) that you are owners of to help expedite the process. 

Email the Board:

Thank you!