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1.  Meeting Minutes -- will be posted to the RAL document site as soon as possible.  They will be located under the Minutes-Agendas folder.

2.  New meeting announcements  and Zoom link will be posted to the Website as soon as the meeting date/time is set.  We will also send out a notification email to those subscribed to the notify me service on the main SRBC webpage. 


1.  Is there enough Insurance Coverage to accomplish the restoration?

The buildings are fully insured using a GAB appraisal. If rebuilt/reconstructed there're may be additional costs outside of our coverage. 

2.  Public Adjuster, do you plan on using one and do you need name suggestions?

Currently, we are working directly with our carrier. After Insurance presents findings we will decide if a public adjuster is needed before giving up part of settlement to fees. We will also discuss with outside counsel to help facilitate this process.

3. What the building and grounds insured for both wind and water damage?​

The buildings are fully insured using a GAB appraisal. If rebuilt/reconstructed there may be additional costs outside of our coverage.

4. Who is the insurance trustee referred to several times in the declaration?

The insurance trustee would be a third party that would handle the insurance disbursements 

5.  If SRBC is not built, how will the monies be distributed - if it came to that?

Should we get to the point where the Association is dissolved, the monies would be dived evenly across the unit/weeks, 1581.

Rebuild / Reopen / Voting

1.  Is there a timeline for when Surfrider could reopen?

No timeline, the island is still inaccessible. The board is working with RAL and the insurance carriers to determine potential timeline

2.  Do you plan to restore Surfrider to the beautiful resort that it was before the Storm?

While it will look different, at this time we are exploring our options to do so. 

3.  Will owners be in included in all major votes pertaining to the future of Surfrider including, but not limited to, cost of clean-up, plans for reconstruction, cost of reconstruction, units that come up for sale, etc.

The Board can act quickly on many of the items listed above with authority given by the Bylaws. Major decisions may include the owners either by vote or solicited feedback. 

4.  What is the ballpark estimate for reconstruction?
We do not have an estimate currently, it is too early yet. 

5.  My declaration of condominium & by-laws dated 7/13/94. Have these been revised or updated since 1994?

Yes, they have been revised, last year the ownership vote passed. The new documents can be found on the Owner Document site on the RAL Website.

6.  Are owners able to sell their Unit after the Hurricane?

Yes, Owners can sell just as they could before the Hurricane, you are selling your interest in the future rebuild or any monies disbursed should the Association be dissolved.

7.  Has the Board or Management Company retained an Architect or Engineer?

We have begun the process of looking for those services to help with estimates and answer the questions about how zoning/building codes will impact rebuild efforts and to get some sort of a ballpark on rebuild costs.


1. Will the annual dues be adjusted to account for the operational state of our units for 2023, or will they remain as planned? Will the August budget increase stay in place?

We are still in the process of determining this. There will be expenses associated even when the resort is not operating. We are gathering information to decide in the very near future. 


1.  Is there anything we can do as owners to help the Board during this process?

Currently, we ask for patience as we work through this challenge. When the time comes, please vote and share feedback when needed. We will be looking to start committees to work on certain aspects of this project in the future. 

2.  Can we add a few more board members to the board, temporarily, to get through the hurricane Ian devastation tasks? Or can Committees be setup to help? Or can Committees be setup to help? 

The bylaws do not allow for an expansion of the board currently. We will however be looking into starting committees to support.

Updated 12/06/2022