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Surfrider Beach Club
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Week 36
Week 36
Week 37 Two palms cut down
Week 38
John, Sharon & Dick, Lauren.  Week 38
Is that juice in that ball?
Cheryl, Lauren, Dick, Carol, John, Tina, & Stacey
I think they had some of that juice.
Ed, John & Stacey   
Week 40  Heinz & Hilde Ehlebracht enjoy the morning sun.
Bill Nolte explains to Diane Lembeck the right way to catch a fish.
Some of the characters in Week 40
Audie waiting on Hank while he tells a story in the office
Ann, Richard & Bill
The girls of December  (2010)
                        Week 52 2010
WEEK 52 2010.
                        WEEK 20 2011
Week 11  2012
Week 11 2011
First new walk in shower complete!
Taken Oct. 22, 2013  Notice the water looks a lot better!  Only seen 1 moon Jelly fish on the beach today. I will look for a Pink Meanie tomorrow :)

Javier & Nicolay, our new maintenance guys.
The guys replacing some wood at 201