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by Jackie McCall on 06/11/10

We'd love to hear about your stay at the Surfrider Beach Club.

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Comments (35)

1. Joan Norton said on 6/11/10 - 08:00PM
I'm a true Surfrider Beach Club fan! I come several times a year to kick back, enjoy an 'old Florida' low key nature vacation, and leave the job stress behind.
2. Linda Sparkes said on 6/24/10 - 08:05AM
We came on an exchange in November '08 and liked it so much we bought a week, such a lovely place can't wait to come back this November
3. Esther said on 6/26/10 - 05:27PM
I've been an owner at Surfrider for 28 years! It's my piece of heaven on earth. The people are always so wonderful. The up keep of the units over the years is awesome. Thou I live in Florida I still love to vacation in Florida.
4. Bubba said on 6/27/10 - 11:47AM
I've heard of Sanibel 40 years ago. Why did I wait this long to check it out? Great website.
5. Donna Swan said on 6/28/10 - 02:54PM
This year was our first experience at the Surfrider and it was amazing. The people are welcoming and friendly; the property and accommodations are beautiful. We are coming back next year and looking into buying a unit of our own.
6. Glenn Latronico said on 8/6/10 - 01:43PM
Great job on the new website Jackie! Such a crisp and clean new look and such a big part of our new vision of making Surfrider better than ever. Keep up the good work and I wish you, the staff and all our owners,guests and renters a very healthy and enjoyable vacation at what I have called paradise for almost 21 years. Glenn Latronico President SRBC
7. Millie Martinez said on 8/6/10 - 03:20PM
The weather was picture perfect. The fishing was better than I've ever experienced. We caught redfish, sheepshead, flounder, mullet, Spanish Mackerel and a couple of small black tip sharks, all from the beach! On Thursday night, we had our first "annual potluck dinner." Guests gathered around the poolside tables and enjoyed a feast of food as well as great company.
8. Patricia said on 8/8/10 - 06:40PM
Always great to reconnect with our Sanibel friends every summer (sad to lose one of those special people last year). Had another great 2 weeks at Surfrider this year. The weather was superb. Thanks to all the week 31 folks who organized the potluck-what a great idea-hope the tradition continues. Wishing all a great upcoming year-until we meet again...
9. Debby said on 8/11/10 - 06:06AM
Had a great week as usual at Surfrider and hope to continue the new annual potluck next year. Sad to loose one of our "family" last year. Hope to see everyone next year.... Hope you all get to see the pictures.
10. Debby said on 8/13/10 - 10:37AM
Paul says you need a sunrise photo from the beach. We will have to send you one. We have lots of them.
11. Jean Dyas said on 8/23/10 - 02:15PM
We had a fantastic week at Surfrider this year - our 10th year and can't wait for next year to return to our little bit of paradise - week 20 is the best!! Best wishes to everyone who knows us - Jean & David (from the UK) P.S. Have posted a photo of Flo and 'Midge'. Flo sadly passed away earlier this year - we missed her very much
12. Pat & Rich Matthys said on 10/24/10 - 08:45AM
MISSING our Week 43 vacation this year but "work" calls back in Michigan. See you next year....only 52 weeks to go!
13. Robert Gammons said on 11/2/10 - 04:54PM
We sayed here as an exchange week from our other timeshare. This is a great place. Very well kept up. Outside and inside were very clean. Staff and guests were very friendly. Alot better than the bigger resorts. Thanks to all. We will come back(Michigan).actday
14. Pat Schmieler said on 4/6/11 - 10:05AM
Thank you to all of our friends at SRBC- I appreciate your kind expressions of sympathy - prayers, hugs, beautiful cards sharing your memories of Pete enjoying the pool or smoking a fine cigar! We will continue this tradition as a tribute! Pat - Sweet Pea
15. Surfrider Guest said on 5/19/11 - 12:11PM
This was our first visit to Surfrider, but it won't be our last! This place is great! Beautiful grounds, right on the beach, bicycles, beach chairs, wi-fi, everything you need is right here. Staff is very accommodating
16. Larry and Bobbie Foster said on 6/23/11 - 05:39PM
We love Surfrider, this is our first stay, and we are already making plans for next year. Everyone has been so friendly, and we have met so many wonderful people...Thank's to all of the staff and our friends in the pool for an awesome Vacation..
17. Denise Bell said on 7/5/11 - 10:09AM
My husband and I have stayed at the Surfrider 6 times and head back on August 7 for another week! Can't wait. The Surfrider is a great place to stay. Great pool, great staff, beautiful location...keep up the good work.
18. Alison Charles said on 7/26/11 - 08:37PM
We had an awesome time at Surfrider and look forward to booking another vacation next year. Thanks for a memorable experience! Sincerely, Alison Charles
19. Monica Howard said on 7/28/11 - 08:40PM
Week 30 has been a blast. The kids and i, as well as my parents, boyfriend and sister have had a wonderful time as we usually do. Jackie, I am giving you a picture of our 16th year tradition, Sand Castle, hope you like it!
20. David & Jess Hynes Week 39 2011 said on 10/12/11 - 07:00AM
We had a blast... Cant wait for next year. Great group of people week 39
21. Jeff Moore said on 11/14/11 - 08:57AM
been going there for thanksgiving since it was a hotel long time ago 37 years lol can't wait to see everyone again this year see ya'll Saturday..The place is a piece of heaven....
22. John & Kathy Kallin said on 12/15/11 - 01:54PM
Just spent week 49 at Surfrider Beach Club and had a great couldn't have been nicer and our stay couldn't have been better. The resort is beautiful....keep up the good work and we'll see you next year. Happy Holidays !!
23. Emily said on 1/8/12 - 04:18PM
ive been staying at surfrider for the past 3 years over 4th of July, and its a great place for family and friends to go to. we go shark fishing,swimming,play on computer, play in the sand, ride bikes etc. I hope we come again next year!
24. John and Peggy Currie said on 5/5/12 - 06:04PM
We are original owners, having purchased unit weeks in 1980. This year's visit was amongst the best. The Surfrider beach is perfect and it is located about a miles walk from the lighthouse. We were bummed one day because we had high winds and storms, but it was followed the next day by one of the most marvelous days of shelling! What a place! We love the club and have so many terrific memories of activities and times spent there. You want to relax? This is the place.
25. Betty and Joe Zabukovec said on 5/29/12 - 06:46AM
We have been coming to Surfrider for over 12 years and now are very happy owners of 2 weeks at this well kept location. Kudos to the staff and yard-crew for giving this place that "old Florida" feel. Can't wait for next year! Renting is a great way to start to enjoy what Sanibel has to offer.
26. The Carlsons said on 6/21/12 - 05:35AM
Owners for nearly 30 years, continue to be impressed at how well the property is maintained. Like the way that improvements have been made without compromising the "character" or "charm" of the experience. Nice job to all!
27. Sarah Alexander said on 11/25/12 - 02:51PM
Just returned home today from yet another wonderful experience renting at Surfrider. We absolutely love staying here, and highly recommend this resort. The facility itself is beautiful, and everyone is warm and welcoming. I really hope we'll be able to visit again soon.
28. Maureen Treece said on 8/21/13 - 08:18AM
Love Surfrider, our home away from home. We love seeing our week #47 family each year. Toast to the Turducken!
29. Denise Bell said on 12/20/13 - 07:38AM
It's December 20 and it looks like we'll have a white Christmas but I'm dreaming of our next vacation to the Surfrider in May 2014! Come on spring! We love Sanibel and the Surfrider is a wonderful little gem. Happy New Year!
30. Paul Minnock said on 12/21/13 - 07:37AM
Had a great time as always this year Week 50. Big improvements on the Bathrooms and Kitchens, Beautiful Gardens and a Great Staff ! The place looks great! Caught a Big 8lb. Large Mouth Bass on Lake Okeechobee. Played Horseshoe's on the Beach. Awesome Time !!
31. Delbert/Brenda Nutt said on 2/18/14 - 02:16PM
We were there for Week 5, 2014, what a beautiful place, friendly people, excellent pool and spa area, wish we were there now. Sanibel was amazing also, loved the bike riding.
32. Kristen vonHentschel said on 2/22/14 - 05:03PM
Only 349 more days... but who's counting? Such a relaxing week, as always.
33. Marcy Z said on 4/4/14 - 03:28PM
Cannot wait to get back down! It has been too long since my last visit to paradise!
34. Susan P said on 5/22/14 - 06:27PM
It is always a pleasure to vacation here. Laid back and easy is the best way to describe it.
35. Jennifer said on 11/19/14 - 06:19PM
My grandparents built the Surfrider and I grew up staying in their house on the property right through college for many vacations. The place looks great! Wish I could get back and rent a unit.

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